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PostSubject: Versatile Mid/High Player Lf serious Clan 


Im a 21 year old Swedish gentleman looking for a dedicated clan to play with, ive been playing Dota1 for 3 years and then transferd to HoN and been playing that for 2 years at 1850 mmr before i decided to get back to Dota2. Been playing in a bunch of casual friend-clans over the years but im looking to get into a more serious clan thats dedicated and competetive

Im a good versatile player that can handle all the roles without any problems, But im aiming to join a clan as Solo, some roles might need to be tuned in into the competetive scene.

If ur interested or if u want a chat add me on
Skype: MrMurdock91
Steam: Zemtar
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Versatile Mid/High Player Lf serious Clan

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