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PostSubject: SoggY - Skilled RTS player looking for Team!  


im SoggY, 23 years old RTS player from Germany. I played Dota back in WC3 but was allways more focused on the 1n1 ladder aspect of the game. Later on i switched to SC2 where i played as mid masters Zerg. Now i just got my Beta invite like two weeks ago for Dota 2 and played about 80 games since then. Im having alot of fun and right now im looking for a nice and skilled team to improve my skills and have fun with.
Im the kind of guy with good micro, map awareness and decent multitasking if i might say so. I have no probplems with grinding games or practicing specific strats over and over again.
I have TS, Skype and a PC that gives me 0 issues running Dota2. I would also consider my english as decent so i dont mind to chat with people overseas.
At the moment i play about everything, from support to full carry since im still loerning about the game and i played about 85% of the heroes so far.

If you' re interressted in some test games or such just go ahead and write Smile

Have a nice day guys and thank for the interresst!
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PostSubject: Re: SoggY - Skilled RTS player looking for Team!  

Former top-tier WC3 player here as well, The current three members of my team are all from the RTS genre as well. In addition to me, you have my friend who was Grand Masters in SC2 and another who was Masters. Not only are we on a rigorous ongoing search for the last 2 people but are also trying to start up an inhouse league. Every person that we give tryouts to that does not meet what we're looking for in a teammate but shows considerable skill will end up being on the inhouse league. You can refer to the following thread here for more information:
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SoggY - Skilled RTS player looking for Team!

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