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PostSubject: Looking for Clan 

Hello guys, I will start my topic saying why am I posting here on the forum.

I am brasilian and you all know that im my country you can hardly find someone competitive playing dota.
I know a huge part of you guys have a prejudgement about our players and our abilities. I am asking for a chance to show my potential.
I play dota for 5 years and I have 21 years old. I am experienced enough with the games and love to watch replays and pro tournaments.

I speak english well and I can play on US servers without lagging and in the Europe server with a little bit of delay. I am loofing for a preferably US clan or other nationality also that can gimme a chance to improve my team play in DOTA and show that the brasilian people can be good enough like the asian or european.

I am tired of seeing the pro games without a single representant of the south america. Please, gimme a chance, guys.

If you are interested in playing with me or talking about my game type please answer this topic showing what you think.

Thanks, YaGUe

PS: Sorry for the english little mistakes.
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PostSubject: Re: Looking for Clan 

Thank you for making my day.
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Looking for Clan

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