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PostSubject: LF a team/clan 

I've been playing dota for around 5 months now and geting a little tired of the usuall pubing, so im looking for a team to have a taste of what that is like and improve my gameplay aswell.
My Dota-skills are average, i'm not the best player there is but i can usually help myself and open for any tips or help somebody is willing to give me.
Im comfortable playing the 3 to 5 role and play mostly teamfight heros as Earthshaker, Enigma and Sandking or offlaners Such as Windrunner and Darkseer.
I am from holland and looking for players in and around my region.

Steam ID: Padna
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PostSubject: Re: LF a team/clan 

Guilty Gamers is looking to start a Dota 2 Team, just need more players Very Happy
Visit us at and sign up for the Dota 2 Division, we can use more Dota 2 Players ;D
I'll add you on steam.
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LF a team/clan

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