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Hello forum!

My Name Is Ethan Brown, I am currently a Highschool student in New Jersey.

I have taken 3 Graphic Design Classes and am very willing to help anyone with any type of graphic and web design issues (Hint Hint Web Developers)

I have played Dota for quite a while until the HoN Beta came out, then I got hooked to that. After HoN became "not free" I stopped playing DotA type games, other then a game here and there. Then I got addicted to LoL, and am now still on that game. THEN! I heard about DotA 2, and that ValvE is developing it! Oh my God I am so excited!
Thats My gaming history (other then my WoW addiction)

Now all that I am, is a bored gamer with nothing really great to do waiting and hoping to get a free copy of DotA2 and willing to design anything! ANYTHING, to hopefully get it.

Haha Im also working on the Main Dota2 Site with those dudes over there so... Yea I'm really bored and wanna design. Thank you!
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Welcome and have a nice stay !
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Hey welcome to the portal. Have fun
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