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PostSubject: Fever Dota 2. 

The part thats dota related starts at 3:14
Hey guys, I made this thread to kind of shed light on who we, as both |Fever| members and DotA 2 players are, and what the requirements are for joining this branch.

As players of a rapidly growing gaming community, not only must we adhere to the rules set forth by our leaders, but we must embrace change and community. We have around 100 members currently, and that number is steadily rising with the increase in beta keys given out. We must be inviting to these newcomers, for everyone in the clan was once new and around unfamiliar people, and we all know what that feels like. We have many different outlets and skill levels in our DotA 2 branch, we have coaches for people learning the game, organized teams for people interested in competitive team play, we have in-houses for members to play against one another, tournaments for said organized teams to win prestige, and we even have item betting in games.

Above all else, the way that our members conduct themselves in games and in teamspeak is of vital importance. Here at |Fever| we do NOT under ANY circumstances tolerate excessive flaming, raging, or other bad conduct outlined in The FeverClan Standard here: The FeverClan Standard. Yes, everyone gets frustrated at the game sometimes, and yes, everyone gets frustrated at teammates sometimes, BUT this does not excuse immature behavior.

There are three main requirements for joining the DotA 2 section:

1. Member must have TeamSpeak 3
2. Member must have a working microphone
3. Member must be 16 years or older

As far as native language goes, having English as a second language is fine, as long as we can understand your English. If you are a new recruit, or if you are browsing our DotA 2 section wanting to join our DotA 2 branch, or even if you're trying to recruit someone to join this branch, knowing these things is essential.

DotA 2, much like its predecessor, requires teamwork, communication, skill, and practice. There is a reason League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth exist and are so popular, and that reason would be DotA. So join our community. Join the DotA Pandemic.

http://feverclan.com/forums/5-new-fever-click-here.html Add Xianda as your referance, Any questions can be posted here or you can add me on steam. You might also find me on www.twitch.tv/xianda where Ill be answering questions if you have any.
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Fever Dota 2.

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