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PostSubject: Making a team called GangNam 

Title says it all.

Roles: Need carries, supports, and utility hero players (Dark Seer, Chen, etc basically heroes that are useful in a lot of situation but require a lot of apm)
//I play roamer and ganker but if anyone would like to play that role with me (2 gankers/roamers) feel free.

Servers: US East and US West

Playtime: Casual play around 6 pm (Eastern Standard Time) and when and if we have scrims around 8:00 pm.

Current roster/Steam profile: QG.Favion - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198005340708/

Note: When joining the team at least know what GangNam is. You don't have to be Korean but GangNam is going to be our flag.

Feel free to add me to talk.
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PostSubject: Re: Making a team called GangNam 

spots still open?
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PostSubject: Re: Making a team called GangNam 

add me.

steam: marryjane_

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PostSubject: Re: Making a team called GangNam 

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Making a team called GangNam

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