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PostSubject: Carry/semicarry/ mb initiator searchin HS/MS TEAM 

hello guys
my name is Tobi, im 18 and i come from austria and im searching for a competitive dota 2 team .

What i expect from the team:

-playing nearly every evening
- +18 years
- skype or ts3
-a good teamfeeling
-mb german language if not, my english isnt that bad
- and i also want to take part on tournaments

what the team can expect from me:

- 7 years dota experience ( cw´s and so on)
- nearly every day online and active
-i want to reach something with my team
- knowing much from dota 2 scene, proplayers etc for fw´s...

if ur interested add me on steam
or on skype: webgineforce

for more infos
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Carry/semicarry/ mb initiator searchin HS/MS TEAM

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