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PostSubject: Team looking for Caller 


My name is Johannes, I am 18 years old and I am from germany.
We are a mid skilled german speaking team.
We are 4 and are looking for a player who can lead us ingame.
A big + if u can also be the captain.

Should have:
-Mic & ts3
-Mid skilled
-Experience in the competive dota scence
-Enough time /atleast 3 days in a week (we play around evening)
-Speaking German fluently
-Having fun while playing.

We are in need of a support player at most.
If u have any interest in joining us, write me a pm with all ur data.
Also if u don't play support, write me what u would like to play.

Steam ID: Kaioken39
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PostSubject: Re: Team looking for Caller 

Got one prob, talking German fluently.... I can understand everything but I can't talk it.... I can captain and I am support
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Team looking for Caller

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