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PostSubject: #1 SUPPORT looking for a competitive team to join 

Hi guys,

I'm an experienced support player that is currently looking for a team to join in the Asian regions (SEA,CHINA); if anyone has a team that is at all competent and am interested in testing their skills in tournaments. Please contact me:

I enjoy playing supports/initiators and semi support.... heroes like Tide Hunter, Jakiro, Crystal Maiden, Earthshaker, Lich, Venomancer, warlock are a few examples of what i enjoy playing.

I have a record of:
14-7 as maiden
21-5 as tide hunter
12-4 as support side-lane zeus

In addition, i am a great communicator and team leader in game and am fluent in both Mandarin Chinese and English (having just moved back from the u.s. after living there for 17 years)

If you're looking for a knowledgeable support who truly understands the game and does his job as a true support, look no further... i'm your guy.
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#1 SUPPORT looking for a competitive team to join

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