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Skepticism over Discovered Caravaggio Drawings Empty
PostSubject: Skepticism over Discovered Caravaggio Drawings 

Many art experts seem to be skeptical about two researcher’s claims of discovering some 90 drawings by Caravaggio as a young boy, housed in the archives of the Castello Sforzesco in Milan. Respected researchers Maurizio Bernardelli Curuz and Adriana Conconi Fedrigolli believe the drawings were done while the artists was studying under Simone Peterzano.

The former director of the Castello Sforzesco collection, Maria Teresa Fiorio, told Il Giornale dell'Arte, “How can you attribute [so many of] Peterzano's drawings to his young apprentice and how can you trash all previous research? That archive has been studied by many academics before me, and none of them ever detected Caravaggio's hand,” The Art Newspaper reported.

Though Fedrigolli and Curuz previously said they examined the works after hours, Francesca Rossi, archive overseer, says there is no record of the researchers visiting the archives and believes they only studied electronic images of the drawings.

Curuz and Fedrigolli published a book of the works in question, which was available from Amazon Italy, however, the company recently halted sales of the book, though they declined to give a reason why.

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Skepticism over Discovered Caravaggio Drawings Empty
PostSubject: Re: Skepticism over Discovered Caravaggio Drawings 

Welcome to dota2portal. I never heard of this Caravaggio.
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Skepticism over Discovered Caravaggio Drawings

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