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PostSubject: Old school player LF competetiv clan 


A litle bit about me:

My name is alexander, im 24 years old and from norway.
Im a old school player from dota 1, also played LoL and Hon. But in the end nothing beats dota 2 for me.

I have played games since i was basicly 4 years old, so i know that gaming is the thing for me.
I currently dont work (sometimes i do some smal jobbs to get some extra cash) but for most of the time i just play dota 2 and some flash games (multitask 2\robot unicorn Razz)

Im starting school in august, though that wont be a problem as it will be part time school and that gives me alot of extra time to play games.

I play well with other people, i do not rage or blame other people for losses or mistakes. i rather give advice and ask them to do it diffrently.
I can take advice, and i do not get annoid of people rage at me. though if you rage for no reason it gives me a big reason to report the player (something i do on a daily base, ragey players are just lol).

I have about 6-8 years +- with Moba games, and its the only type of games i really enjoy.

I can play basicly every role, support\carry\tank\roamer\woods so on. though i know i still have alot to learn, and i'll take any advice i get while playing with people that know theyr "shit" Smile

What i am looking for:
Im looking for a clan thats aim for competetive play. I understand that i need to be tested aswell, though i know i wont dispoint with my play even though im not "the perfect player" still have alot to learn.

If your clan leader\players are able to point out mistake in a clam mather, im the perfect player for you. I learn fast and i have the motivasjon to play many hours everyday.

If your the type of clan that screams so much that the players end up haveing theyr brain pressed out of theyr eary drums, then im not the player for you. as im more likley to report you than play with you. Im all about improving the community of dota 2, as i love the game. I can understand that people get angry, but there is no reason for anyone to scream it out like it was the end of the world.

Last but not least; sorry for my bad writing. Im kinda the "lazy typer" and dont consider typos to be much of a problem.

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PostSubject: Re: Old school player LF competetiv clan 

Hey I'm a norwegian oldschool player aswell... 26 years old and playing mostly support.

add me if u wanna play sometime "møkk" on steam
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PostSubject: Re: Old school player LF competetiv clan 

Hello Alexander. We currently opened a slot in our team. Goal is to play around 5 hours a day and get into leagues in about 1-2 months of practise. Add me on skype: Majshanse
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PostSubject: Re: Old school player LF competetiv clan 

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Old school player LF competetiv clan

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