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PostSubject: Me and myself 

Hello my is Raphael.

I looking for a DotA 2 clan.
Im German and 17 years old.
DotA is my favorite game, i play it everyday Smile
pro or noob, both is no word for me, but i wanna train with some freindly people to get better than the other players Very Happy
Support, tank or nuker, i play every hero.

3 years ago i started dota, i know skills, items and some other good things for teamplay. ^-^

If you're interested send me a message and i will answer it.
Gl & Hf thx \\m//(-.-)\\m//
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PostSubject: Re: Me and myself 

Welcome to thy portal~!
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PostSubject: Re: Me and myself 

Welcome to the portal Very Happy Have fun and enjoy your stay!
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PostSubject: Re: Me and myself 

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PostSubject: Re: Me and myself 

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Me and myself

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