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PostSubject: TheDeathAngel at DreamHack Summer 2012 

~Hello Dota2 portal~

My name is Martin a.k.a TheDeathAngel at Dota2 and League of Legends and I am right now at DreamHack Summer 2012! Smile

I know few can't join this great LAN event in Sweden, so I'll do my best to get DreamHack come home to you!

My LiveStream will be online the entire DreamHack event with cool lazers shows and much more!
Quality of the webcam is not the best!

For League of Legends fans:

On the Livestream I'll have K-9 Nasus skin give away! Next give away are tomorrow. Smile

This is maybe not the forum for much League of Legends stuff, but if you miss DreamHack my livestream is online for you! Smile

Link to my main thread at League of Legends EUNE forum:
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TheDeathAngel at DreamHack Summer 2012

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