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Hello everyone,

i'm BLASTǂook4mi the manager of the BLAST.TV ;) . I join the forum to share the planning of the TV and invite all of you to follow us ;) .

We are a pro Starcraft 2 team, but on the TV you can find Neltharak showing DOTA2 games i hope you'll enjoy it.

By the way, i'm student in biology at university ^^ and i live in France (i'm an horrible french frog eater haha).

I was a great player on Wolfenstein Enemy Territory, i was not too bad at League Of Derp but well i prefer be a good managers ;)

Thank you to read me ;)
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And for all who want to watch his streamins Here's the LINK
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welcome to thy portal bro! ;)
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welcome to d2p Very Happy
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BLAST Ook4mi

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