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PostSubject: Dota 2 Beta - Waaay too many noobs 

Hello everyone,

I'm sure this issue has been talked a lot,but what is actualy happening?[nothing].I'm in the beta myselft lost many games due 2 noobs:feeding,flaming,going alone against full team of opposite heroes and saying that they know how to play...I've got 9 wins 11 losses and i've had it ffs this is an insult to all gamers out there.WE MUST do something about these noobs.Why is no1 actually solving this issue?

I suggest to ban ip them for weeks - that should give them enought time to watch vidoes,read reviews and learn how to play and if they come back and still suck at playing well ban them for life because they're ruining the gaming world.I mean yes i know its a marketing strategy,we company we'll say every1 is welcome to buy the game but they dont know how to play thats fine - >WELL ITS NOT!! Because the other players who know how to play its a living hell to team up with such noobs all because of making tons of money from them.

What are your thoughts guys?We must do something because their numbers are growing each day at alarming rates...
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PostSubject: Re: Dota 2 Beta - Waaay too many noobs 

Well trust me after 100 games you will get used of them Razz
By the way there arent any chances of throw the noobs away.There will be always noobs on games.Also arent you a noob whether you start a new game? Give them the chance to L2P even on dota 2.
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PostSubject: Re: Dota 2 Beta - Waaay too many noobs 

Way more skilled games. Yes it works with DotA 2
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PostSubject: Re: Dota 2 Beta - Waaay too many noobs 

OP, you must know that there is a matchmaking system which means that with enough won games (and a decent winrate) you will move up the ranking, allowing you to play with more skilled players.

If you are good, then with enough games you wil be able to play versus better opponents, if you are not than you can spend more time complaining on Dota-related forums instead of doing something about it.

Then again, how can you critize the skill saying that "dota-2-beta-waaay-too-many noobs-qq" having played only 20 games. It is more than ovious that you are at the bottom of the so-called ranking.

Get a decent winrate 55-60% and then we'll see whether the quality of your gaming experience remains the same as it is now.

Peace out Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Dota 2 Beta - Waaay too many noobs 

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Dota 2 Beta - Waaay too many noobs

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