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PostSubject: Be on a look out! 

Be on a look out! Gamersbook giveaway AGAIN!

Good news guyz! According to Gamersbook they have gained a lot of beta keys again! And yes, you know what that means! More beta keys for the unfortunate ones! So yes, the unfortunate ones, it is another chance for you guys to be fortunate again!

Posted 13 hrs ago for the 1st picture and 16hrs ago for the 2nd picture. :
What is the event going be? When is it going to be? What do we have to do?
There has been no information about it yet, well YET. So keep on your toes and be on a look out for those tasty treats. All that we know is that the giveaway is going to be pretty much soon!

This news is posted at 6:00PM as of 8:00+ GMT

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PostSubject: Re: Be on a look out! 

go people without beta keys! go out and multi-, oh wai..
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Be on a look out!

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