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Russians money? How much :D  Empty
PostSubject: Russians money? How much :D  

Ok little friends from the portal now i am going to post an uber funny video about some Russians wich are tryng to buy something with own money:

Start looking from 3 : 00 - 4:35
The video is in Romanian i'm sorry for that ,but bellow you got the comments If you wanna know what the guy says,starting from 3:00 and ends at 4:35 :

Hey internauts do you remember how it was in Romania when you went to buy a bread with a pile of bills?
i mean back in some time the lowest bill in Romania was of 2.000 Lei and with it you could buy a turbo gum.
But now here at us the times have changed.
In Mother Russia on the other hand ,inflation is at her home .
And these guys will demonstrate you,they bought from the supermarket some Beer Boxes,
From what i saw aprox 8,wich in Romanian Money is like 250 lei ( 250 lei = 60 euros)
Now watch now and see how much this costs .... in Ruble (Russian money)

And the Russnac keeps taking out money until tear's appear on the girls face
And what do you think Igor is doing when he sees Natasha cryng?
Exactly!! Takes out more cash until he fills up the poor's girl counter

Hello !How much is a Joyana Choclate ?
800 trilions of Ruble ,but i hope you don't pay in coins of 1 trilion ....

And you expect that at this amount of Cash someone would give the porr girl a Money Counter machine ,i mean thats they way it should be done Right?

All the girl gets is a solar Computer ,and Good luck. "
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Russians money? How much :D

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