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eSahara looking for casters ESaharaTV5

With eSahara's inhouse league going into it's second season on December 12th, and the DotA squad doing well at Kiev, eSahara is ready to announce its webTV in the coming weeks which will feature exclusive games and content from the competitive DotA2 scene.

In order to achieve this ambitious project, eSahara TV is looking for dedicated casters with well rounded knowledge of the DotA-DotA2 scene, fluent English and some experience in casting and streaming.

eSahara looking for casters ESaharaTVwy

Do you think you have what it takes ? Send us a sample of your work to with a small bio attached.

Agopcsa "Broesly" Botond
htttp:// - WebTV Producer

Images courtesy of Airwalk Media
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Wow, stupendous! XD

Is there good enough in fast-talking? Razz
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eSahara looking for casters

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