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PostSubject: Brihmus-The Skeleton Hunter 

Brihmus-The Skeleton Hunter
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Clinkz younger brother, Brihmus was an elf too. He was fighting with Clinkz when Clinkz died. Brihmus couldnt bear the sadness. He stopped fighting for 2 years, but he was bored. So He decided to start his fight again, but now, for his brother. He went to the Undead camp with only 250 elf. They fallen one by one, but they killed a lot of undeads too. An undead mage prisoned Brihmus soul after Brihmus died, and he stuck in the Defend of the Ancients with a skeleton form.
At least, he found his brother :,)

Affiliation: Scourge
Attack Animation: 0.7 / 0.3
Damage: 40 - 49
Casting Animation: 0.5 / 0.51
Armor: 2.03
Base Attack Time: 1.7
Movespeed: 300
Missile Speed: 1000
Attack Range: 600
Sight Range: 1800 / 800



Bone Break(Q):
Brihmus-The Skeleton Hunter Icons_6569_btn
Description: Break the enemys bone, dealing a little bit damage, and slowing them.
LvL 1: Deals 40 damage, slowing for 20%. Mana:60 CD: 17
LvL 2: Deals 60 damage, slowing for 25%.Mana:80 CD: 15
LvL 3: Deals 80 damage, slowing for 30%. Mana:100 CD: 10
LvL 4: Deals 120 damage, slowing for 35%. Mana:120 CD: 10
Framework: Slow....
Note: Slow lasts 3 second.

Lightning Arrow:
Brihmus-The Skeleton Hunter Icons_12583_pas
Description: Every attack has chance to release a chain lightning.
LvL 1: 5% chance, deals 80 damage, each hit deals 10% less damage. Targets up to 3 target.
LvL 2: 10%chance, deals 100 damage, each hit deals 10% less damage. Targets up to 5 target.
LvL 3: 15% chance, deals 140 damage, each hit deals 10% less damage. Targets up to 6 target.
LvL 4: 20% chance, deals 200 damage, each hit deals 10% less damage, targets up to 8 target.
Framework: When the it procs, it will shot a lightning arrow, and make chain lightning.

Triple Mana Shot(E):
Brihmus-The Skeleton Hunter Icons_8138_btn
Description: Shoots 3 arrow at a target dealing damage, and draining mana.
LvL 1: Each arrow deals 25 damage, draining 20mana each shot. Mana: 50. CD:20.
LvL 2: Each arrow deals 35 damage, draining 30 mana each shot. Mana: 70. CD:15.
LvL 3: Each arrow deals 50 damage, draining 50 mana each shot. Mana: 90. CD:10.
LvL 4: Each arrow deals 70 damage, draining 70 mana each shot. Mana: 120. CD:10.
Framework: 3 blue arrow to the target.
Note: The Mana transfered to Brihmus.

Brihmus-The Skeleton Hunter Abilitymarksmanshipf
Description: Shoots in the air a few arrow, slowing, and dealing massive damage to the enemy when arriving.
LvL 1: Each hit deals 75 damage. Slowing for 2 second. Mana: 90. CD: 70. Channeling time: 5
LvL 2: Each hit deals 120 damage. Slowing for 3 second. Mana: 120. CD: 60. Channeling time: 5
LvL 3: Each hit deals 175 damage. Slowing for 5 second. Mana: 160. CD: 50. Channeling time: 5
Note: Aoe is 600, all enemy in that *circle* will get the damage and slow.
Shooting the arrows for 5 second.
Framework: Shoots arrow in the AOE. Arrows come from the air.

Me: Volley Spell icon.

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PostSubject: Re: Brihmus-The Skeleton Hunter 

Brothers are just too common, but may look thru this.
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Things I dislike: His second skill is like having an early maelstorm but stronger . His ultimate a copy a copy of gyros ulti.
Things also need improvement: Your third level of first skill has a mana cost of 10 xD. With your third you get at lvl 4 210 mana so thats like nearly 2 new recasts..
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PostSubject: Re: Brihmus-The Skeleton Hunter 

i remember that awesome model at hive..

need more specific explanation : cast range , targeting type , aoe etc

at skill 1 we cannot undestand how the skill looks like , it has instant effect / missile ?? it like enchantress slow ?? mortred shiftling dagger ?
at skill 2 :range ?? 3 arrow like Vs magic missile to target ?? or 3 arrow like mirana arrow ?? 3 arrow shot like alleria ??

but you doing well at theme and skill icon set Smile
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Brihmus-The Skeleton Hunter

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