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Hey everyone, I joined the Dota2Portal recently due to the contest (as I'm sure many new members did).

After hanging around for a few days I am really starting to like the site.

What really sealed it for me was the admins recent post regarding the beta key contest. The fact that they are spending so much time reading every entry and is allowing users to pm them should they desire further discussion about their entry is amazing. This is the type of community and admin I can support and am looking forward to making Dota2portal my go to Dota 2 discussion site.

Now for some background:

I have NEVER played Dota 1. Yes, I know, blasphemy! The first time I remember seeing it was in the cyber cafe at my college a few years back. I always saw a group of 10 people constantly fighting it out in a game I didn't even understand but still enjoyed watching.

My introduction to the genre came with League of Legends which I joined during their beta phase. I've loved playing LoL from day 1 and still play it almost every day. Now that I feel, not necessarily bored, but like it's time to move on, Dota 2 has caught my attention. I am a full supporter of Valve and trust what they will do with the game. I am dying to play and help give feedback for Dota 2 both as someone that is familiar to the genre in general but that is also completely new to Dota specifically and the heroes.

I am looking forward to playing with or against you all someday.

Here's to hoping we all get in the beta soon!

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Hello everybody! Empty
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Glad you have decided to stay
Welcome to the portal and happy posting! Smile
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Hello everybody!

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