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Hello everyone, proud to be here sooner than more of million people :rofl:
Here is my resume
- Rising Demon, without CAPS LOCK and Space
- I prefer Sentinel, because it is easier to last hit/deny (for me) if I have ricer hero, and Scourge if I play ganker or supporter
- I come from darkness, oh just joking, I am Vietnamese but right now I'm studying in French.
- Pudge, but my -ah score is always >= 38% (I don't farm using Hook, so ... that's pretty bad, because half of it was luck)
- Sange Yasha, because that was the first item which require combine/recipe that I was able to find out and possessed. That was about 4 or 5 years ago, when my Eng is at BIG NOOB level and I don't even know that there is a shop named Secret
- Computer specifications: I use a Laptop Dell now, playing DotA is OK (If I understand right the question, lol)
- Favorite food: my mom's food, lol, it may sounds childish but it's been such a long time
- I play no sport in special, just go with friend for the lulz.

Lol, I just introduce myself a couple of hour ago in PlayDotA, and here I do it again in DotA2Portal :ninja:
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Welcome enjoy d2p
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This guy eats his mom
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Welcome dude/chick/it/bot/mom Smile
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Rising Demon

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