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PostSubject: Weresewer, at your Service 

G O O D D A Y T O E V E R Y O N E ! Very Happy

I just checked out some videos of Valve in Youtube, and I'm quite surprised to see the webpage forum of DOTA2 just now. Haha, can't really believe how Icefrog excites most of us in the most thrilling game of the century! I am looking forward in extent for Dota2, since the forum is personalized and hospitable more than ever. Smile
I'm Weresewer; if there's anything I can do, Please let me know! Very Happy

D O T A. ;)

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PostSubject: Re: Weresewer, at your Service 

Glad to have you on board. welcome and have fun here with us while we all wait for DotA. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Weresewer, at your Service 

Welcome Weresewer! 🐱 🐱
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Welcome. and Enjoy your stay. if you have queries, the forum is here.
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Good day weresewer Smile and welcome to the forum!
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Weresewer, at your Service

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